Nano Pro MT – High Performance Marine Grease


NDT14MG NANO Marine Grease has been specifically designed to provide superior protection from rust and corrosion, protecting assets from salt water, salt air and atmospheric chemicals. Marine Nano Grease has been developed with a water-insoluble formula designed specifically for corrosive marine applications–trailer wheel bearings, water pumps, hinges, pins, winches, anchor and chain reels. Marine Nano Grease contains a special blend of Nano Materials (proprietary) along with Calcium dodecylbenzenesulfonate and Calcium sulfonate complex thickener (proprietary). These unique features combined with Nano ProMT’s nano materials provide superior performance against Rust & Corrosion. The base in Nano ProMT’s formula consists of Calcium sulfonate complex thickener which contributes excellent adhesion, structural stability and resistance to water. NDT14MG Marine Nano Grease possesses a high level of chemical stability and is formulated with special Nano Technologies to provide excellent protection against friction, wear, rust and corrosion at high and low temperatures. APPLICATIONS: NDT14MG NANO Marine Grease is recommended for tough applications. Our Marine Nano Grease provides outstanding in applications where water resistance is a critical factor. NDT14MG Nano Marine Grease will meet most industry specifications and will demonstrate outstanding performance in applications where friction, rust and corrosion is present.