Spill Tackle 5 Gal. Bucket

Fleet operations, warehouses, and Spill Response teams can easily use our buckets for quick application of Spill Tackle products in case of spill to prevent further contamination and pick up fluid. The bucket adorns the vibrate high visibility colors that are prevalent with all of Spill Tackle’s products to ensure that they can easily be identified and located for usage. Durable and sturdy, these buckets can easily be used for not only storage of fresh Spill Tackle, but also used to contain used and soiled Spill Tackle to either reuse or for disposal. A standard handle and locking lid as expected too of course, and feel free to use the bucket afterwards for any reason you deem worthy.

Perfect for warehousing, distribution centers, industrial & manufacturing operations. Ideal for truck fleets including tow trucks, fire trucks, service trucks, even boom trucks.