Nano Pro MT – Nano Cool


Nano Cool is the only mechanical technology Nanomaterial coolant on the market. Nano Cool utilizes proprietary, nanoscale materials suspended in deionized water to displace heat faster without the performance degradation of traditional products. It’s safe for all types of antifreeze and has been field proven on everything from race cars to 400-ton mining machines – improving the thermal efficiency of cooling systems.

  • Cutting edge military grade Mechanical Nanotechnology (MT) not a chemical additive; Nano Cool will last the life of the coolant.
  • Engineered for today’s cast iron, copper, aluminum, brass and bronze cooling system metals.
  • Field proven on the race track and in some of the biggest equipment on the planet.
  • Superior heat transfer properties Increase the thermal efficiency of glycol-based anti-freezes and other heat transfer fluids.
  • Reduces or eliminates bubbles or vapor barriers (xs) that form on hot metal surfaces to reduce coolant temperatures by up to 15° F (8.33° C).
  • Available in 6 oz. (NDT16NC) and 1-gallon sizes (NDT128NC)

Perfect for use in all engine types, from today’s high revving gas engines to heavy-duty diesels, off-road, motorcycles, ATV & Powersports, and marine engines. Field proven in open wheel and stock car racing.

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